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Located in the heart of Ballston at Randolph Towers

4001 N. 9th Street, Suite 219

Arlington, VA 22203

Welborn Engineering offers an experienced and highly capable engineering service to design, draft, specify and supervise construction and installation of mechanical and electrical equipment and systems.  These services are available for industrial, commercial and institutional projects wherever you have a need.  We specialize in prompt, efficient and cost-effective design of HVAC, plumbing, lighting, power, control and signaling systems for a variety of clients, such as retail stores, offices, restaurants and cafes, manufacturing and industrial plants, and operators of hospitals, water treatment facilities and office buildings.  Architects, other Engineers, contractors, individuals, and government agencies have used our services.


Offering a full range of services, Welborn Engineering can:


                  analyze your heating, cooling, lighting and power needs;

                  select suitable equipment to meet those needs;

                  specify equipment using computer based specification software;

                  prepare drawings using up-to-date CADD technology;

                  provide follow-up construction services.


Related services available to industry professionals include energy analysis, load and power studies, routine design calculations for HVAC, lighting and power, computerized drawing preparation (AutoCAD), and technical equipment specification preparation.

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